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【Circuit Breaker with Leakage Protection】

  • The 4-way RCD circuit breakers uk plug will automatically trip and cut off the power in the event of an earth connection leakage(30mA) and protects you from possible electric shock. And its non-latching design allow you reset it after each use, making it ideal for the protection of home appliances.




Providing reliable work power for home, DIY and light commercial use

With a robust design, this four-socket leakage protection GFCI plug extension from SAFEMORE, is perfect for using around the home, garden or office.

With 4 way non-block sockets for connecting devices to the RCD socket plug, adding protection against the risk of electric shock as it instantly cuts off the power in the event of an earth connection leakage.

  • AC outlets: 4 AC Outlets
  • Rated Voltage & Current: 110-250V / 13-16A
  • Rated Operating Current (I△n): 30mA
  • Rated No Action Current (I△n o): 10mA
  • Triping Time: ≤0.1s
  • Receiving/Cutting Sensitivity (I△m): 500A
  • Cable length(Optional):2M/6.5Ft 3M/ 9.84FT 5M/16.5FT
  • Product Size: 7.16*4.92*3 inches

Compact Design for Different Occasions


Easy to operate, no need to wiring, and its bright yellow color makes it more visible in use - whether on a building site or in a back garden, being more percetible will reduce its trip hazard and risk of accidental cutting.


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