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Why Chose SAFEMORE GFCI Protected Power Strip?

Equiped with ground fault circuit breaker, the GFCI receptacle is quite different traditional power strips, it will trip within 0.1 seconds and cut off power automatically in case of a ground fault or short circuit.


  • All-in-one15A GFCI Power Strip: Integrated with 4 AC outlets(15A 125V 60HZ 1875W), it is not only a power strip which can power 4 devices, but also a GFCI receptacle which can prevent you from electric shock or other possible eletrical hazard during in use.
  • All round protections: Built-in 30mA RCBO circuit breaker, overload protection, short-circuit protection and fire protection coating.
  • Coming with 6.56FT heavy duty extension cord(14AWG/2mm²): The GFCI outlet is a must-have in your daily life or working.
  • 4 Wide-spaced outlets: Designed for big adaptors, there are 1.6 inches distance between 2 sockets, so no worry for being blocked by each other.
  • Wide applications: Featuring rugged housing and heavy duty cable, the 15A GFCI power extender is mainly for using in dry environment, such as kitchen, jobsites, garage..., providing extra safety when power your devices with peace of mind.

SAFEMORE GFCI Extension Cord with 6.56FT Cable

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